Supervision & Mentoring for Professionals

Yes! I am Humanistic Coach or I am Internationally Certified Coach.

MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology

Although you get extraordinary results as a professional of Humanistic coaching – IHCOS®, it is important from time to time to use the supervision service, to improve your professional performance, and become more aware of your strong points and those in need of improvement.

MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology consists of techniques, models and powerful concepts, which have been used successfully in coaching, therapy and training. MHM is a living methodology, constantly evolving, and consequently supervision, or an IHCOS specialisation, or even a certification, at the next level above what you have, can be paths to acquiring new tools, being up-to-date on new advances, new concepts, and incrementing your technical knowledge.

Invest in your self-development, and see how this enables you to speed up the coaching process and get better results with the client.

Why do I need Supervision?

  • To reflect on your own work.
  • To identify difficulties and blind spots.
  • To become aware of the process, insights, ideas and new perspectives.
  • For Ethical maturity.
  • For dynamic analysis of the relationship between the professional coach and his or her coachee in a coaching process.
  • To reflect on your own feelings, thoughts, behaviours and approach to the client/coachee.
  • To evaluate your own performance and development of competences, as a professional.
  • To learn new models and concepts.
  • To protect the client as an ethical imperative – supervision implies an impartial third look at the process.
  • To identify defence mechanisms.

Besides this, you:

  • Access a service where confidentiality is assured.
  • Have the added mentoring service.
  • Contribute and receive input when there is a peer supervision.
  • Group supervision is a way to share and exchange experiences among professionals.
  • Obtain emotional support to deal with the intensity of working with your clients.


  • Trusting environment to express difficult issues.
  • Empathetic approach.
  • Added value at the professional level.
  • Get immediate results in your professional performance.
  • Ensure high quality service to the client.
  • An environment of sharing and discovery.
  • Develop on a personal level.

When we can go beyond…

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