How can a Humanistic Coach support you?

Top 10 results reported by our clients:

  • Focus, Motivation and immediate Results at each session.
  • Every session has an impact on all areas of the wheel of your life (relationships, career, finances, health, leisure, environment, contribution, and mission, among others).
  • Self-confidence, Self-esteem and Self-love.
  • Self-awareness – greater awareness and clarity of our emotional states, feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and overcoming fears and worries.
  • Improving communication, listening and interpersonal relationships.
  • Leadership in your personal and professional life – the ability to deal with any day-to-day event.
  • Improving health, more inner peace and well-being.
  • Goals achieved, obstacles and problems overcome.
  • Our commitment, delivery and unconditional dedication at each session.

Here is some feedback from the large number of great achievements that our clients, in coaching sessions, reported to us. We will start where you find yourself right now, and really go in the direction you want to go!

Trial Life Coaching Consultations – Try before you buy!

You want a Humanistic Coach. You met someone who had results with our methodology, or you liked our site, our message, but you ask yourself: How can I be sure I am making the right choice in having you as my coach?

To be certain that we are the coach you are looking for, you may take a trial session of one hour with us, by Skype. During this session, you will experience and “savour” how we work, and you will make your decision.

The price for this session is €95.00+VAT. To schedule, click Trial Session.

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The Methodology we use:

In all of our sessions, we use the innovative MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology. Internationally recognised, the MORE Humanistic Methodology consists of techniques, models and powerful concepts, that generate immediate results for the coachee (client) and patient.

At MHM, the coachee is not merely a client, but a complete human being, whose needs and approach require exclusivity. No two human beings have the same way of awakening and changing. Each one is unique with his or her own mind and history.

In this generative, profoundly transforming and systemic work, the human being is seen in all of his aspects (emotional, mental, physical, integration in his environment, spiritual – whatever that means for you). The Humanistic coach-IHCOS® is not limited merely to supporting the coachee (client) in achieving his or her goals, attributing tasks, or doing the follow-up, to achieve results. He works with the client, so that the objectives are the result of an actual change, which influences and leverages all areas of the life of the client, contributing to a fuller, happier life and thus raising the threshold of greater awareness.

MORE Humanistic Methodology is more than just a definition. MHM is contributing to a new generation of coaching.

Life, Relations & Health: Humanistic Coach for everyone who wishes to improve his or her life!

  • Are you at a crossroads? You know that you need to make changes, but you don’t know what to do or how to do it?
  • You know you could be more confident but you don’t know how to achieve this?
  • Do you feel anxious, stressed about the future, whether or not you will achieve results in your work, whether you will run out of money, and about everything and nothing?
  • Do you want to lose weight, but with every diet your weight goes down and up like a yo-yo, and you don’t know what else to do?
  • Do you want to have a good romantic relationship, but you always seem to hit a dead end in the relationship?

These are some of the many questions that our clients, people like you, present to us when they start their coaching sessions. They are seeking to take charge of their lives, face clearly and confidently the great challenges that come up; because whatever your issue, it is about you, your life, and how to feel fulfilled with your life. We believe that, by working with us, you can Awaken the Power Within.

You could be the next one to live a life with purpose, to achieve your dreams, to make profound and lasting changes.

Ask us for information today!

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I am a clinical therapist, and in the course of my activities I was able to consult professionals in the area. I was going through a dark period in my personal life.
I was extremely surprised with Fridolin. What he did, the depth of the transformation, no psychotherapist had ever done, and had ever been able to do. I recommend this inner journey to everyone!
M. Eduarda Duarte, Psychotherapist
The individual sessions with the great professional Karina Milheiros and MORE Humanistic Methodology were the most incredible things I have had the opportunity to do. When I jumped from a height of 4,200m, or went diving on the high seas, I found it incredible, but it was in the sessions that I discovered that all this was very easy, compared with the depth that this methodology was taking me to dive within myself, and bring me closer to my essence. Accompanied by the professional Karina Milheiros, I achieved incredible results, both at the personal, familial and professional level.
Sandra Guerreiro

The Creators of Humanistic Coaching:

Karina M. Kimmig

Humanistic Guider Master Trainer – IHCOS®

I love to decipher the mental strategies of human beings. Understanding the unconscious mind and using it as leverage for transformation. Challenges are part of growth. Change, even the most difficult, with empathy, love and humour is marvellous! Curious? Learn more about me here..

Fridolin L. Kimmig

Humanistic Guider Master Trainer – IHCOS®

I like to look at the true essence within each human being. I believe that emotions are the path to change. Don’t wait to change. I know that time does not stop, and you do not know how much time life will give you.
Curious? Learn more about me here..