How can a Humanistic Coach support you?

Top 10 results reported by our clients:

  • Focus, Motivation and immediate Results at each session.
  • Every session has an impact on all areas of the wheel of your life (relationships, career, finances, health, leisure, environment, contribution, and mission, among others).
  • Self-confidence, Self-esteem and Self-love.
  • Self-awareness – greater awareness and clarity of our emotional states, feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.
  • Reducing stress, anxiety and overcoming fears and worries.
  • Improving communication, listening and interpersonal relationships.
  • Leadership in your personal and professional life – the ability to deal with any day-to-day event.
  • Improving health, more inner peace and well-being.
  • Goals achieved, obstacles and problems overcome.
  • Our commitment, delivery and unconditional dedication at each session.

Here is some feedback from the large number of great achievements that our clients, in coaching sessions, reported to us. We will start where you find yourself right now, and really go in the direction you want to go!

Trial Business Coaching Consultations – Try before you buy!

You want a Humanistic Coach. You met someone who had results with our methodology, or you liked our site, our message, but you ask yourself: How can I be sure I am making the right choice in having you as my coach?

To be certain that we are the coach you are looking for, you may take a trial session of one hour with us, by Skype. During this session, you will experience and “savour” how we work, and you will make your decision.

The price for this session is €95.00+VAT. To schedule, click Trial Session.

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The Methodology We Use:

In all of our sessions, we use the innovative MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology. Internationally recognised, the MORE Humanistic Methodology consists of techniques, models and powerful concepts, that generate immediate results for the coachee (client) and patient.

At MHM, the coachee is not merely a client, but a complete human being, whose needs and approach require exclusivity. No two human beings have the same way of awakening and changing. Each one is unique with his or her own mind and history.

In this generative, profoundly transforming and systemic work, the human being is seen in all of his aspects (emotional, mental, physical, integration in his environment, spiritual – whatever that means for you). The Humanistic coach-IHCOS® is not limited merely to supporting the coachee (client) in achieving his or her goals, attributing tasks, or doing the follow-up, to achieve results. He works with the client, so that the objectives are the result of an actual change, which influences and leverages all areas of the life of the client, contributing to a fuller, happier life and thus raising the threshold of greater awareness.

MORE Humanistic Methodology is more than just a definition. MHM is contributing to a new generation of coaching.

Executive & Team: Humanistic Coach for executives, teams and employees of the organisation!

Everyone needs a Coach.”

Bill Gates, Microsoft

Best advice I ever got – have a coach. (…) All the famous athlete, all the famous artist, have a coach..”

Eric Schmidt, Google

  • How often have you felt under continuous effort, stress and pressure to obtain results?
  • How can you be able to manage time and space to think, with hundreds of things and problems inundating you daily, as though you were a fireman fighting a wall of fires?
  • How many times have you felt the challenge of presenting results and not sacrificing your family and your health?
  • How can you look confident on the outside, when you have uncertainties, insecurities and feel vulnerable?
  • How many times have you thought of quitting your small business, because you felt tired of fighting and drowning in an ocean of challenges and difficulties?

We feel happy in knowing that we contribute to the life of many executives, leaders and small business owners, to remove the barriers that prevent them from achieving their personal and professional goals, breaking the shackles that bind them and keep them from soaring. We believe that You are Always MORE!

You could be the next person to achieve your desired results, profound and durable long-term changes.

Ask us for information today!

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Trial Session
I attended sessions with Karina Milheiros,and the results were astonishing. The methodology used is really transforming, and her performance as Humanistic Coach is simply impeccable. Karina is a very competent person, who is dedicated to the human person and skilfully understands where the client is at that moment. This results in the work being conducted in a very competent manner, which is why I obtained excellent and notable results!
Rafael Lopes, Manager and Businessman
I came across three very problematic situations, and in a few sessions, through her process and methodologies, she was able to make a rigorous, impartial analysis and I defined goals and more easily overcame the obstacles. I consider this to have been an important investment for developing my challenges. It was, without a shadow of a doubt, the right decision at the right time and, for me, Karina Milheiros is today an important pillar.
Published by RH Magazine
Nuno de Sousa, Sales e Marketing Manager

The Creators of Humanistic Coaching:

Karina M. Kimmig

Humanistic Guider Master Trainer – IHCOS®

I love to decipher the mental strategies of human beings. Understanding the unconscious mind and using it as leverage for transformation. Challenges are part of growth. Change, even the most difficult, with empathy, love and humour is marvellous! Curious? Learn more about me here..

Fridolin L. Kimmig

Humanistic Guider Master Trainer – IHCOS®

I like to look at the true essence within each human being. I believe that emotions are the path to change. Don’t wait to change. I know that time does not stop, and you do not know how much time life will give you.
Curious? Learn more about me here..