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Terms and Conditions

§1 Provisions by MORE Institute
As organiser, MORE Institute provides courses with trainers which it has hired. The participant has knowledge of the trainer and the theme of the course from the Web page of the respective prospect of MORE Institute.
Although we carefully select our trainers and provide them to give the course concepts already tested, the provisions of services by the trainers are the responsibility of the same.

§2 Registration
Registration is done by filling in a form on the Internet, in writing or by phone. By sending the form or e-mail, the sender declares that he or she agrees with recording the data sent therein. The data are processed according to the respective provisions of the Law on the protection of data of the Federal Data Protection Act (“Bundesdatenschutzgesetz”) and used exclusively as necessary in this context. The transfer of data to third parties for advertising purposes is only done with express authorisation.
By sending, the sender declares, until a new order is given, willingness to receive e-Mails from MORE Institute. Registration for participation in the course is mandatory for participants.

§3 Conditions for participation
Participation in our courses implies the stable mental state of the participants. If a participant is currently in psychological and/or psychiatric treatment, or has undergone the same previously, the participant shall obtain in advance an agreement from the doctor or therapist treating him or her to take part in our courses.

§4 Rejections and exclusion of participants
MORE Institute is authorised to reject participants before the course without indicating a reason. Fees for the course, in this case, shall be refunded at 100%. Participants who repeatedly disrupt the course and/or events, who improperly use the course for recruitment, or who sell products of third parties, may be excluded from the course by the course director. The fees for the course, in this case, shall be paid at 100%.

§5 Cancellation, changes in registration and replacement participants
a) Dropping out
Cancellation of course registration by a client shall be made in writing and sent to MORE Institute. Cancellation of a registration up to 43 days prior to the start of the course is free of charge. In the event of cancellation of the registration by the client 22-42 days before the start of the course, 50% of the cost agreed shall be paid; in the event of cancellation of the registration 21 days before the start of the course or in the event of non-attendance, 100% of the cost agreed shall be paid.
b) Changes in registration
It is possible to make changes in registration up to 4 weeks before the start of the course. The same shall be globally invoiced at 50 Euros. Changes may only be made one time. When changing to a course with a higher price, the difference shall be paid (even in the case of the same topic). In the changes, the conditions for admission of the respective courses shall be met.
c) Replacement participants
It is possible to propose replacement participants free of charge, if they fulfil the conditions for participation, as well as the conditions for admission to the respective courses. The replacement participants shall be communicated immediately to MORE Institute, in writing and with all of the registration data.

§6 Cancellation by the organizer/Absence of trainer
The course may be cancelled by the organiser for important reasons (insufficient number of participants, absence of a proper trainer due to accident or illness, or the like). The cancellation shall be made, while it is still possible, in writing, or else by e-mail or phone. Payments already made will be refunded immediately by MORE Institute. Other requests for indemnification by the participant may not be demanded. In the event of illness or other unforeseen occurrence, rendering the intervention by the announced trainer impossible, MORE Institute is authorised to use another qualified trainer for this course.

§7 Documentation of the course & Copyright, legal protection of trademarks
All documentation, videos, audio CDs, contents of the Web page, etc., made available by MORE Institute, are protected by the Copyright of the MORE Institute. Documentation, videos, audio CDs, contents of the Web page, etc., may not be transferred, published or copied, in whatever form, not even partially, or used in courses by the same, without express written authorisation.

§8 Booking/Reservation of hotel rooms
The participant is responsible for reserving and booking hotel rooms. Requests may not be made for indemnification in the event of cancellation or annulment of the course.

§9 Payment
Payment shall be made up to 30 days prior to the start of the course, through transfer to the account of MORE Institute. If the period of time between registration and the start of the course is less than 30 days, the amount is due immediately in full. Entry of the money into our account is the determining factor. The participant shall receive an invoice. The right to participate in the course shall only occur in the event of full payment of the invoice amount.

§10 Video and Audio recordings
Video and audio recordings of the course may be made by the participants solely with express authorisation by MORE Institute. Private photographs may be taken if they do not affect the progress of the course. The publication of photographs electronically, in print and/or all other means of communication also requires the permission of MORE Institute. The rights established in law regarding one’s own image shall be respected. During the courses, video and audio notes are taken, in part, by the collaborators of MORE Institute or a person authorised by them for this. By participating in the course, the participant authorises the private and commercial use of these notes. Expressly excluded is the right to a commission or other payments, if nothing has been agreed in writing to the contrary. The participant in the course has the right to oppose this authorisation in advance. In this case, however, he or she should count on exclusion of the course. Later opposition is not possible. In case of doubt, contact should be made in advance to clarify whether, and to what extent, photographs and recordings are planned.

§11 Scientology
The MORE Institute and its trainers hereby declare, on their honour, that they have never taken part in Scientology courses and do not work according to the technology of L. Ron Hubbard. This declaration is also valid for sects of any type.

§12 Exclusion of responsibility, indemnification, complaints
The trainers of MORE Institute are independent collaborators. They are themselves responsible for the organization and holding of the courses, for part of the advertising, for public appearances, for their statements and activities, as well as for the correct commercial operation. MORE Institute does not accept complaints against the respective trainer. Justified complaints shall be directed to the respective trainer.

§13 Other issues
Additional agreements must be in writing. In the event individual agreements or the General Contractual Conditions are declared null and void, these agreements shall be replaced with legally valid agreements, as close as possible to the nullified agreement. In case of doubt, the latest version in effect of the Civil Code of the Federal Republic of Germany shall always apply. The place of performance and competent tribunal for MORE Institute is Saarlouis/Germany.

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