Karina Milheiros Kimmig

About Karina M. Kimmig:

Creator of a group of concepts, techniques, and distinct approaches in working with human beings, entitled MHM-MORE Humanistic Methodology, Karina Milheiros possesses a unique talent. Known for her mastery in guiding the client, she has the sensitivity and intuition to deal with another human being, the intelligence and ability to analyse the mind of the client, technical expertise, and humour, in addition to her wisdom.

She is noted for her excellence in the art of teaching, for her ability to transform complex concepts into simple ones, difficult techniques into practical exercises, leading and reviving the magic through the art of telling metaphors and stories.

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Respected for assuming positions of responsibility and leadership, Karina Milheiros is the President and an active member of different international associations, carrying out an important role in conducting and making crucial decisions, notably:

  • International President of The International Humanistic Coaching Society-IHCOS
  • President in Brasil of the European Coaching Association – ECA
  • Vice-President in Portugal of the European Coaching Association – ECA
  • Ambassadress in Portugal of the International Coaching Institute-ICI
  • Ambassadress in Portugal of the International Association of NLP Institutes – IN
  • Founding Member of the European NLP Association – EANLP
  • Member of the German NLP Association – DVNLP
  • Member of the International Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – IANLP
  • President of the Portuguese Association of Coaching and NLP – Aprocep (until 2012)

Creator of “Leading Edge”

In the area of personal development, intervention in coaching and in clinical therapy, MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology has been used internationally for accelerated and definitive transformations in individuals. Karina Milheiros, together with Fridolin Kimmig, developed the MORE Humanistic Methodology, a group of innovative concepts, practical techniques, and strategies of intervention, for effective and profound results in the process of personal development. Besides being a creator, attentive to the andragogical aspect of which she has an excellent domain, Karina Milheiros is also responsible for structuring concepts, outlining the techniques of the MHM- MORE Humanistic Methodology, and producing the curricular plans and materials for both the training taught at the MORE Institute, and for the programmes taught internationally by the ambassadors of the methodology.

Training and Experience

Humanistic Guider Master Trainer –IHCOS®, Master Trainer NLP, Certified in the USA in Ericksonian Hypnosis, President of MORE Institute, and a degree in International Relations by ISCSP-UTL, are some of the titles in the vast curriculum of Karina Milheiros.

Since childhood she had a clear sense of mission, to co-create a more humane society, which led her on a seasoned path. Besides having worked as a consultant in sales and marketing, she was management consultant in the restructuring and reorganisation of companies, achieving at a very young age and in a short time, the position of Senior Consultant, due to her diplomatic abilities, technical competence and management. It was in this area, working at all levels of the hierarchy, that she discovered that she wanted to innovate the way the change processes were conducted in the companies. This led her to the area of training and coaching. In this phase, she gave hundreds of courses in behavioural areas such as leadership, motivation, conflict management, managing change, managing stress, communication, and public speaking, among others.

This path allowed Karina Milheiros to understand what else needed to be done. She embraced coaching and NLP, certifying participants from different countries. A new turn occurred in 2006 in a happy meeting with Fridolin Kimmig, with whom she was able to share her discoveries, concepts, techniques and her desire to obtain more profound and definitive results than could be achieved with coaching or NLP. From this fortunate union was born Humanistic Coaching and the leading edge MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology.

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Media & Key-Speaker

Karina Milheiros can be called a true citizen of the world. Born in Luanda, Angola, she lived in Brazil, in Portugal, and for the past ten years she has been living in Germany, where she works as a reputable Humanistic Senior Coach- IHCOS® and Humanistic Guider Master Trainer –IHCOS®. On this journey she was invited to be present on television, radio and to write various articles in well-known magazines, such as: RTP TV interview

Invited as a speaker at world conferences (for example, The International Conference on NLP and Coaching, in Lisbon, the World Conference on Coaching and NLP, in Rio de Janeiro, among others), and local conferences at universities, she captivated audiences by her charisma, practicality and creativity.


As an author she has written hundreds of newsletter articles that can be seen here and articles in different press media on MHM, coaching, personal development, social awareness, NLP: Media

She is the author of books of therapeutic metaphors, due to her singular voice, hypnosis CDs, and co-authored a wide-ranging compendium on NLP see here.