International Certification Humanistic Professional Intervention – IHCOS®


MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology

Think Outside the Box! Expand your technical and practical knowledge by learning the MHM –MORE Humanistic Methodology, which has contributed to a new generation in coaching!

MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology consists of techniques, models and powerful concepts, which have been used successfully in coaching, therapy, and training. MHM has a unique and innovative approach to working with clients, patients and will also help you as a course participant in your self-development.

With MHM, the human being is seen in all of his aspects (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, integration in his environment). In this generative work, the humanistic guider works with the client, so that the goals are the result of an actual internal change, which influences and leverages all areas of the client’s life, contributing to a fuller, happier life, and thus producing a level of greater awarenessa.

What you will learn and practice in this international course:

  • Humanist Session Model for extraordinary results.

  • Work with internal motivation to achieve goals – MHM.

  • Technique to develop more self-esteem.

  • Technique of excellence: working with identity as executive.

  • 15 principles for understanding systems:  teams, organizations, families.

  • Technique of professional and personal life alignment.

  • How to work and release difficult emotions – MHM Model.

  • Mental strategies and mental patterns – MHM Model.

  • And much more..

Besides this, you will:

  • Receive the International Certification from IHCOS – The International Humanistic Coaching Society® on completion of successful evaluation.
  • Learn various intervention models with strategies and techniques with international proven results.

  • Learn the most Innovative MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology.

  • Obtain immediate results in your professional performance as Humanistic Guider.

  • Develop on a professional and on a personal level.

  • Contribute to Humanizing our Society at the workplace and at home.

  • Connect with an International Network of professionals.


  • Course duration: 120 Hours.

  • Demanding, experiential and practical.

  • Highest German Quality Standards.

  • Profound professional and personal experience.

  • A great qualitative professional leap forward.

  • Internationally Recognized Certification.

  • Differentiated Transformational Methodology.

One week that will never be forgotten. One of the best courses I have ever taken. A very powerful experience of professional development associated with very intense personal development. ….I already want to repeat the course. Thank you for having helped me grow as a human being! Extremely important point: the experience and quality of the trainers.
Donzília Queiroz
Speaking of the Certification by MORE Institut: good, profound, serious, complete.
I recommend, approve and applaud.
Frederico Pinho
I confess that I came basically to spy and observe new work methods, how the techniques are applied and the work itself.
As for the mentors, Fridolin and Karina, what really motivates them is love!
Luís Bastos
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