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MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology

Develop Coaching Competencies! Expand your technical and practical knowledge by learning the MHM –MORE Humanistic Methodology, which has contributed to a new generation in coaching!

MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology consists of techniques, models and powerful concepts, which have been used successfully in coaching, therapy, and training. MHM has a unique and innovative approach to working with clients, patients and will also help you as a course participant in your self-development.

With MHM, the human being is seen in all of his aspects (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, integration in his environment). In this generative work, the humanistic coach works with the client, so that the goals are the result of an actual internal change, which influences and leverages all areas of the client’s life, contributing to a fuller, happier life, and thus producing a level of greater awareness.

What you will learn and practice in this international course:

  • The differences between Coaching and other professions that support the client and organisation.
  • Planning session – The Wheel of life, leveraging and the coaching process.
  • Design Session – MHM Model.
  • Ethics of IHCOS Coach.
  • Working with Goals – MHM Model.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communications techniques.
  • Techniques for working values, behaviours, abilities, beliefs and mission for success.
  • Mental Strategies – MHM Model.
  • Technique for managing emotional states.
  • And much more..

Besides this, you will:

  • Take with you tools, techniques, strategies and models with practical, internationally proven results.
  • Learn the Innovative MHM- MORE Humanistic Methodology.
  • Develop on a personal level.
  • Obtain immediate results in your professional performance.
  • Contribute to Humanising Society.
  • Receive the International Certification from IHCOS – The International Humanistic Coaching Society® on completion of successful evaluation.
  • Connect with an International Network of professionals.


  • Course duration: 60 Hours.
  • Demanding, experiential and practical.
  • High Quality Standards.
  • Profound personal experience.
  • A qualitative professional leap.
  • Internationally Recognised Certification.
  • Access to Humanistic Professional Coach certification.
I have no words to define the intensity of these 15 days. It was marvellous; the methodology was a surprise for me, since I was already certified in coaching and NLP. The methodology is a very strong point in the entire process, and Karina and Fridolin are exceptional.
Fátima Jesus
The Trainers are excellent and practice what they preach, which is rare with this type of training.
Alfredo Silva
Karina goes beyond the technical competencies of trainer; she has many skills as a leader, the energy behind the group, coach, person. She is fabulous.
Sandra Sebastião
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