Fridolin L. Kimmig

Fridolin L. Kimmig

is recognised for his extreme ability to work with emotions and read the “soul” of the client. Creator of MHM-MORE Humanistic Methodology, which brings together concepts, techniques, and distinct approaches in working with human beings, Fridolin L. Kimmig has a memorable style. Endowed with profound wisdom, he is a master in knowing how to apply silence, directivity, making an issue unforgettable, and a sentence remain indelibly in the memory of the person to whom it was directed. Notable is his art of provoking, his skill at using the provocation aligned with emotion to mark a turning point, a separator of waters a before and after in the life of the client, and still be a font of inspiration for those wishing to drink from his vast knowledge.



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Scientific Advice

Fridolin L. Kimmig has played an extremely important role as mentor of ethics and framework for conducting the technique of the professional coach, as well as being President and an active member of different international associations, notably:


  • International President of The International Humanistic Coaching Society-IHCOS
  • Vice-President in Portugal of the European Coaching Association – ECA
  • Ambassador in Portugal of the International Coaching Institutes-ICI
  • Ambassador in Portugal of the International Association of NLP Institutes – IN
  • Founding Member of the European NLP Association – EANLP
  • Member of the German NLP Association – DVNLP
  • Member of the International Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – IANLP
  • President of the Scientific Council – APROCEP (until 2012)


Sought after by a wide range of people, from professionals in the areas of coaching, therapy, psychiatry, to those wishing to evolve as human beings in the various areas of their lives, MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology was a turning point in understanding human nature, with extremely effective results. This distinct methodology developed by Fridolin Kimmig along with Karina Milheiros, used in the coaching, and signalled as the new generation of coaching, provides a new look at the mind, emotions, goals and human needs. MHM is structured in a body of concepts, practical techniques, and strategies of intervention, leading to the creation of emotional balance and profound congruence with the primordial needs of the client, passing to the achievement of goals really aligned with unconscious mental strategies. Thus, Fridolin Ludwig Kimmig has been complying with his mission, allying his innovative side, reflected in MHM, with his profound view of the best that resides in each human being.

Career and Training

Fridolin L. Kimmig has a career that is anything but orthodox. With a degree in Computer Engineering from TFH – University of Applied Sciences, in Berlin, Fridolin Kimmig distinguished himself from the beginning as a leader, performing crucial management functions in his career, such as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Karstadt Quelle Group. His ability to manage teams in a challenging area like technology made him well known, and he assumed the position of Vice President of SAP AG, in Walldorf, Germany.

His long experience in managing people, leading teams in an area that was highly competitive and in constant change, awakened him to a hidden talent – his innate ability to develop and empower human beings. Fridolin Kimmig made a journey of certifications in psychology, hypnosis and various area of personal development. His professional journey with human beings in coaching and NLP, led him to meet Karina Milheiros, with whom he could then exchange his aspirations, his vision of a more humane society, and his concerns for a more effective process of transformation in coaching, out of which was born Humanistic Coaching and the innovative MHM.

As Humanistic Guider Master Trainer –IHCOS®, Master Trainer NLP, and President of the MORE Institute, Fridolin Kimmig has internationally certified professionals in coaching, and left his indelible mark on those who have entrusted themselves in a process of personal development with him.

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Media & Key-Speaker

Extremely generous, concerned with individual and social awareness, and motivated by the desire for a fairer society, Fridolin L. Kimmig wrote articles of profound social philosophical reflection. You may read his articles published in well-known publications here:  papers

Although he prefers empowering leaders and inspiring them in his coaching processes, Fridolin L. Kimmig, was a speaker at world conferences (e.g., the International NLP and Coaching Conference, Lisbon, World Coaching and NLP Conference, Rio de Janeiro, among others), giving a larger audience the opportunity to hear about his methodology.


His practical, spontaneous, as well as philosophical spirit have resulted in his best registries being the recordings made during courses and certifications that took place in the context of training and conferences. Therefore, DVDs were produced on the topic “Beliefs”, in which he teaches a distinct way of understanding this theme. He is also co-author of a wide-ranging compendium of NLP.