MORE Humanistic Methodology – MHM

How is it possible to get such powerful tools and such a profound vision in processes of human change? The Methodology that you never imagined possible!

Goals in Life

The power of Emotions

We love. We hate. We feel sad. We feel happy. Your life is guided by emotions. Every dream begins with emotions. MHM works with this power to create emotional balance and a life full of meaning!

Goals in Life

Mental Strategies

We define goals with mental strategies. Limited strategies create limited results. MHM connects your objectives with mental strategies, to open an unlimited range of possibilities.

Working with Goals

The work with objectives in MHM is completely unique. Did you know that 90% of goals are misinterpreted? Understanding the hidden purpose of the objective creates transforming changes.

Human Needs

Needs are real conductors of all goals and activities. We all have needs. Learn how MHM transforms needs into beneficial objectives.

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Certification in MHM

It was the most remarkable experience of my entire professional life.

José Osvaldo is trainer and certifies coaches and NLP, Instituto Lapidar