Revelations of the Brain…

In our courses, we dedicate a part to teaching and working with system and neuroscience.

We teach that the body and mind form a system, that the unconscious mechanisms are present in this dynamic, that the brain is linked to the immune system, and consequently, that emotions and unresolved situations, which are part of the mind, may, over time, result in physical illness, since they affect the immune system, a term known as psychosomatic illness.

However, the issue was unproven in neurological terms, regarding this interaction of the brain with the immune system.

On 01 June, a team of researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, in the U.S., discovered that the brain is directly linked to the immune system through the lymphatic vessels, which we previously did not know existed.

This discovery opens new horizons for the treatment of neurological diseases, such as  Alzheimer’s, as well as a better understanding of how the human body operates.

Here is the article in Portuguese and English:


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Author: Karina Milheiros Kimmig
Humanistic Master Trainer Coach, Master Trainer PNL,
President of IHCOS, IN, ICI, Vice-President of ECA.
In MOREletter, 18-04. 2016