Why does your Life need to be Revitalised?

From the time you get up until you go to bed, various automatic behaviours occur in your everyday life, without your necessarily thinking about them. In the morning, you put your key in the ignition of your car, drive the vehicle to work, and do it without thinking every second about how to do it. At lunchtime, you do not recall, with each bite, how you learned to pick up a fork and bring the food to your mouth. On the contrary, you eat at the same time you check messages on your smartphone, or talk to a colleague, or to your child.

But there was a time when you learned, step by step, how to pick up a fork, how to drive an automobile, among other learning, by doing them repeatedly they became a habit and today are stored in your memory. The great advantage of habits is that, by making a successful learning strategy automatic, you do not have to waste your energy on the daily details of execution, such as carefully checking how to place the fork on your plate, pick up the food, and bring it to your mouth. The unconscious mastery of this learning leads you to perform them with little effort. A successful learning strategy facilitates our routine, with the automatic execution of various daily tasks. However, the other side of the coin is that we become “a creature of habit”, and consequently we can find ourselves in a monotonous life, with the repetition of patterns of behaviour, so that even when suffering reminds us, from time to time, that we must banish them, we keep holding on to them, as though they were the last crisps in the package.

Some people, in order to feel a bit of emotion, watch a football game, even if only for the joy of suffering when their team loses. Others add colour to routine, turning themselves over to adventure, taking risks, even if it means getting drunk. Still others jump from one romantic relationship to the next. These, among other behaviours, are ways of seeking stimuli. Stimuli make us feel alive. Who has not said or heard,“I am in love, I feel alive again”!

However, how can we feel this energy, revitalise our life, without the need to repeat the feeling of suffering, frustration, time and time again?

Gaining awareness, changing internally, acquiring new habits, going beyond your perceived limits, will help you have constant stimuli, since you will be challenging yourself in a healthy manner. Besides helping you put an end to the feelings of sadness, frustration, and suffering, it will also help you establish new synapses, create new learning strategies, and expand the potential of your mind.

Thus, you must awaken the human potential, as we teach through MHM – MORE Humanistic Methodology, possess the skills of self-development, so that you can enjoy, consciously, new stimuli, without being carried away, time and time again, by the wheel of monotony of your own life. By holding these skills, you not only revitalise your life, you expand your perception to areas up to now hidden, and deal more comfortably with the time of crisis and difficulties in which we live.

Finally, it is about understanding that you are not a passive subject at the mercy of what happens to you, but rather, what you do with what happens that makes the difference in the quality of life of your being.

Where can you begin?

There are books you can read, information on the Internet, even on our FaceBook, every week I publish articles, hints and suggestions for personal and professional development with MORE Humanistic Methodology, on how to reflect or take the first steps towards becoming aware.

Nevertheless, the internalisation of this skill implies change, breaking patterns and paradigms, requires having someone from outside, able to perceive what you cannot see, since habits leave us blind and thus the ideal is an internal journey to your being. This, if done by qualified professionals, will raise you to another level of awareness. Coaching sessions, or even being part of a Certification with us, which has proven over the years to bring guaranteed results to our clients, one before and one after in the life of each participant, may be options for a reinvigorated life, a rebirth for 2016!

Revitalise yourself today!

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Author: Karina Milheiros Kimmig
Humanistic Master Trainer Coach, Master Trainer PNL,
President of IHCOS, IN, ICI, Vice-President of ECA.
In MOREletter, 18-04. 2016