MORE Humanistic Methodology® – Mastery in Coaching

If Coaching were an automobile, many people, even mangers and people in other positions of responsibility, would describe it more or less like this: it is a steel frame, with seats, four wheels, an engine and that can be driven. Basically, all automobiles are alike. OK, it’s true, they also come in different colours! In Coaching, this “profound awareness” would be the equivalent of placing on the same level a Tata Nano, a VW Polo, a BMW Series 3 and a Mercedes Class S. After all, they are all cars.

Also, in Coaching there are enormous differences in methodology, performance, quality and results. Mastery is an expression for wisdom, skill, and is the result of permanent personal development. With its methods and tools, a Master Coach with Humanistic Coaching IHCOS® Certification can bring about profound changes that others cannot even dream of. It’s not possible to be among the best in your profession, without investing in your own initial and continuing training, whether it is to be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or a coach.
One of the main principles of a Humanistic Master Coach-IHCOS® is the broad understanding of human behaviour, as described in the following chart:


At level 1 at the top, is where behaviour and action occur. At the level immediately below, 2, we find the intention or goal of the action. At 3, are the beliefs and expectations that determine in a striking way our intention. In turn, at No. 4, are the strategies and concepts that influence our expectations, while at No. 5, the expectations depend on our experiences and our understanding. These experiences are marked at level 6 by the values and social norms of the environment or the systems in which we grew up, or in which we currently find ourselves. In turn, universal human needs exercise their influence on the values and systems at level 7. When the external social norms are in divergence with our needs, we boycott the rules or construct a new environment (e.g., we move our residence), to one which better meets our needs.

In MORE Humanistic Methodology, the Master Coach is not limited merely to guiding the client to achieve his or her objectives, but rather works at all seven levels, with the deepest levels that are connected to the goal. Therefore, the impact of all these changes transforms all of the areas of your life, whether professionally, in relationships, family, friends or free time.

It is interesting that from level 1 to level 7, an ever more profound awareness develops, while from level 7 to level 1, an ever more humanitarian behaviour is highlighted.

The following dimension of MORE Humanistic Methodology®, which can only be approached superficially here, unites these 7 levels to the emotions, with the objective of balancing thinking with action and feeling. The result of this changes is sovereignty, self-confidence and calm, even in difficult situations.

I invite you as a coach to enter these 7 levels and raise your competencies, performance and your own process of change to a new level!

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Author: Fridolin Ludwig Kimmig
Master Trainer Coach, Executive and Life Coach, Master Trainer PNL, President of IHCOS, IN, ICI, Vice-President of ECA.
Article Published in the Magazine Human – December 2013